If a family determines that their child or young adult may benefit from services provided by Thrive, they may contact us to receive further information or to set up an initial intake meeting. At this meeting, providers from the Thrive team will meet with the family to discuss available services and obtain further information about the child. After the initial intake meeting, the Thrive team will schedule a one hour child intake meeting where they will meet the child and informally assess the child’s needs and the potential benefits of receiving services through Thrive Autism.

After the two intake meetings, the team will draft a brief proposal which includes a summary of needs, requested services, and proposed monthly costs. If the family chooses to begin services with Thrive, a formal assessment period will begin.


Usually 2-3 sessions will be scheduled to complete assessments that are useful in developing programming for each client. The assessments that may be completed include the ESDM checklist, the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL), communication assessments, and behavioral observation or functional assessment and/or analysis to determine behaviors that should be targeted for reduction. A variety of other assessments may be administered for older learners based on the needs of the individual.

Goal development

After analyzing the assessment results, the Behavior Analyst for each child will design and develop individualized programming for each client. Goals, priority areas, and strategies will be drafted in collaboration with child’s family and other critical providers. Each client’s progress, target behaviors, and programming are assessed weekly by the behavior analyst to ensure effective teaching and continuous learning..

For many of our clients, we recommend monthly team meetings to ensure collaboration between all team members and consistency with service delivery. Goals are usually revised and developed every 12 weeks.

Because our practices are evidence-based, we collect data for every client during each session. Data are collected using an internet-connected device, allowing us to analyze data immediately, on-site.