backgroundThrive Autism Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary group of autism professionals who, in addition to providing private services individually, also consult together as a team so families can benefit from the breadth of experience and expertise they have to offer.

The group provides intervention to children and adults with autism and related disorders from 12 months through the age-span. One focus is on evidence-based, naturalistic, and play-based interventions for young children with autism. We also provide services to young adults and children who would benefit from a multi-faceted approach and behavior analytic services. While our office is located in Denver, we provide services across the Front Range and consult with clients across the nation.

Vision Statement

We seek to empower families, sow knowledge, and share the journey of autism.


  • We integrate behavior analytic principles and knowledge of development and autism, in the context of family and community systems, to create the highest quality interventions that allow each individual to thrive.
  • We share our expertise in order build a better community for all.
  • We respect the knowledge and expertise of caregivers and community partners, the desires of each individual, and the value of reciprocal relationships.